All S3 students participated wholeheartedly in the S3 English Fun Day in the morning on 22nd September 2018 (Saturday). This was a wonderful moment for all the participants to develop authentic English and improve their English proficiency with the support and help from the service provider and our S3 English teachers.

img_20180922_091047_small.jpg img_20180922_091049_small.jpg img_20180922_091050_small.jpg img_20180922_091057_small.jpg
img_20180922_091058_small.jpg img_20180922_091100_small.jpg img_20180922_091103_small.jpg img_20180922_091108_small.jpg
img_20180922_091112_small.jpg img_1_small.jpg img_5426_small.jpg img_5427_small.jpg
img_5428_small.jpg img_5429_small.jpg img_5430_small.jpg img_5431_small.jpg
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