BAFS學會於2018年12月12日午間舉辦【BAFS IQ 選擇題比賽】已圓滿結束 ,活動目的旨在提升初中同學認識商業社會的運作。比賽對象為中二及中三級,各班派出三位代表,今次一共有8班參賽,同學非常積極投入,最後2B奪冠軍、3C獲亞軍、3A獲季軍。

‘BAFS Club – IQ Quiz Competition’ was successfully held on 12 Dec 2018. The aim of this activity to is arouse students’ interest of commercial and business society.

Each class is allowed to represent 3 students to participate the competition. A total of 8 classes, 24 students joined the activity. Finally, 2B got the championship, 3C got the 1st runner up and 3A got the 2nd runner up.

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